Alarm Clock Songs: The Wake Up Playlist!

The Peaceful Waker

I first heardDawn of Eden’ by Underworld in Danny Boyle’s production of Frankenstein, and instantly adored the tweeting birds and the calming hums and chants. The gradual increase in volume and instrumental  components makes it an easy chorus to wake to, regardless of  how much vodka has been consumed the night before.

Another daylight delight comes in the form of Lemon Jelly’s ‘Space Walk’. Taking inspiration from the Apollo space missions, and using speech samples taken from the 1969 original moon landing, layers of mellow grooves complimented by twinkling pianos would make a great alarm tune. Also, it’s seven minutes long, so lots of time to practice opening those eyelids.

Other suggestions are: Minus the Bear ‘Absinthe Party’, Velvet Underground ‘Sunday Morning’

The Rise and Shiner

Ever since watching 500 Days of Summer, I’ve never felt more ecstatic to get up in the morning than with this song. Hall and Oates ‘You Make My Dreams celebratory feel is great for getting those legs moving in the morning, for when you feel like you’re going to have a productive day (whether it turns out to be or not).

For the more musical among you, taken from the original soundtrack of Singin’ in the Rain, ‘Good Morning’ is a feet-tapping piece designed to do make you say exactly what Debbie Reynolds exclaims before she breaks into song ‘and what a luuuuuuuuuuurvely morning!’

The Fearless Festerer

Sometimes a usual song or gentle arousal isn’t enough to get people moving. These festerers are likely to be ‘sleep all day, party all night’ers who surround themselves with Dominos pizzas, midnight movies and big clubbing nights where they stumble home at 5am, covered in Jager Bombs and vomit, a traffic cone under one arm and a vow to ignore any alarm reminding them of that 9am lecture. Waking up is a horrendously difficult task. What you might need is something to scare you into getting out of bed? Jaws Theme, Texas Chainsaw Massacre dinner scene, and Halloween Theme.

The Deep Dreamer

If it worked for DiCaprio and Hardy in Inception, then why shouldn’t it work for us!? ‘Non, Je ne regrette rien’ by Edith Piaf, from the famous Specsavers advert, is likely to rouse you from all kinds of dreams from the ‘I bought a pint of milk at Tesco’ letdown to the ‘I fought Orks with Gandulf for HOURS’ adventure. Plus, it’s annoying enough to make anyone jump up and toss their as far away as possible.

Failing that, I Monster’s ‘Daydream in Blue’ is both an orchestral and inventive track that oozes creativity and a slick combination of technology and tradition.

The Stubborn Sleeper

We all have those nights when we may toss and turn all night, or really not look forward to getting up in the morning, and  when the A.M comes, gentle soothing tones will not get you out from under that duvet. Maybe Ian Drury’s ‘Plaistow Patricia‘will help toughen you up a bit?

3 responses to “Alarm Clock Songs: The Wake Up Playlist!

  1. I have looked at several sites of a similar theme and the all repeat the same/similar songs. This one is a breath of fresh air. Good choices!
    Some good songs I had not heard before and to cap it off with Iain Dury…….well what can I say…..pure genius!

    • Thank you 🙂
      What can I say.. I’ve been through many an alarm clock tone in my time of being a student and needing SOMETHING to get me up for that 9am Friday morning lecture. Glad you enjoy them as much as I do!

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