Katie Hopkins, the hideous hypocrite who left Holly fuming.

Here’s the history:

Alan Sugar told her she was ‘unemployable’ after discovering her extreme backstabbing of fellow contestants.

She has carelessly wrecked marriages and family lives through three affairs. over the years.

This morning (5th July) she tweeted ‘Ginger babies. Like a baby. Just so much harder to love.’

I detest this woman.

There are very few people that I actively hate, but after watching nearly ten minutes of footage from This Morning, I feel genuine hatred towards ‘KT Hopkins’.

I watched Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield’s jaws drop and eyes bulge in shock, disgust, and genuine disbelief. I could feel my ribcage thudding as my heart rate increased with every frustratingly hideous sentence that came from this awful woman’s mouth. 

Admittedly, she begins by making a fair point. Anyone who hears a screech of a child’s name in a market or playground, followed by ‘GET ‘ERE NAAAYAAAAA’, may shudder from how excruciating the sound is. But, I would argue that ANY name sounds terrible when yelled at in that manner. If I heard ‘ILYYYAANAAAAA’ yelled instead of being spoken in a high-pitched ‘trot back here’ fashion, then I’d feel equally as uncomfortable than if it was ‘CHAANTELLEEE’. 

Katie admits that a name is a ‘shortcut’ to work out the ‘class’ of the child. From this, a ‘quick decision’ is made on whether her own children can play with them based on the names’ associations with school behaviour. 

What. A load. Of Bullsh*t.

This, to me, sends alarm bells ringing. It’s almost like a kind of racism – nameism?! An innocent child (or not so innocent of course, if they’re called ‘Tyla’), is thrust into a stereotype as the kid who does not do their homework, is late, and is not a suitable ‘playdate’ for her children. Heck, I was late for school, and I was never that great with homework, but I guess I’m just lucky that because I’m not called ‘Chardonnay’, I’m seen as a safe bet? Give over.   

I do agree that some parents do ‘suss out’ their children’s friends through the location their family live in. But to restrict your children from mixing with them completely from ridiculous judgments is, as Anna May states, ‘cruel and unkind’. There may be times when a child with a ‘working-class name’ does live up to the negative opinion you had at first, but to tarnish every child under this belief is abysmal.

Anna May’s comments that Katie’s views are ‘snort-worthy’ and that she is a ‘snooty’, ‘insufferable snob’ are welcomed with celebration; I almost wanted to hug the woman. God forbid Katie Hopkins visit a multicultural school for a day, she’d have a whole new barrage of names to stereotype. Is Mohammed a name for a clever, well-behaved boy or not? How about Fatima or Esi? 

The best part of the clip by FAR, is the moment that she slips up and essentially brands herself a hypocrite. She hates footballers names, seasonal names, geographical locations and celebrity names – and she will essentially prevent her family from associating with them. Oh wait, what is one of her daughters called? INDIA. 

Come on Katie. There’s no way you’re getting out of that one. Whether it was named after the place or not, India is a f*cking country. 

It distresses me that someone who is obviously intelligent can have such a warped view on society. I feel genuine sympathy for her children who will obviously be pushed into making stupid decisions such as who to avoid, purely based on names (only first names, of course). I can safely say that if I took Hopkins’ view, any child of mine that asked to have a ‘playdate’ with a girl called Katie would be refused. For Katie is a name for a selfish, hypocritical and nasty woman who, frankly, I would hate to be associated with.

5 responses to “Katie Hopkins, the hideous hypocrite who left Holly fuming.

  1. She is a vile human being. Completely up her own arse. And these comments are coming from someone who had no less than 3 affairs with marriedmen And with one ended up in the papers having sex in a field and in a car. Now that is a classy lady. Not.

  2. I’ve never heard of Katie Hopkins before a friend of mine shared that name clip on facebook. I found her on Twitter and told her she should be ashamed of herself.

  3. She is a laughable human; i love how she prefusely talks about class and snobbism, when she is (I am quoting) ‘a Katie Price-esque caricature with A-levels’.
    I am sick of all these deluded people trying to make out they are upper class by putting on a ridiculous version of a RP accent and mocking people in such a cruel and horrible manner while appearing on trashy Tv shows.

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