Seven days until Southeast Asia!

So far this summer, I’ve completed a 10 week internship at Centrica, seen a plethora of shows, and purchased a Nikon D3100 and a Macbook Air (which came to the same price as my first car…)

Even more exciting, though, is that I get to finish my summer with a trip to Malaysia. I will be travelling across the Western mainland, before flying across to Sabah, Borneo, and ending my trip with five days in Singapore.

MalaysiaNot having backpacked before, I’ve had to purchase everything from my rucksack (Berghaus Women’s Jalan 60+10) to walking boots (A pair by Merrell). I’ve also spent the past six months researching the hell out of Malaysia, booking scuba-diving courses and mountain climbs and, of course, the Hard Rock Hotel…

So here’s my plan, and what I will update this blog with on my return!

Kuala Lumpur for 3 nights (staying in Grid 9)

Cameron Highlands for 2 nights (staying in Gerard’s Place)

Penang for 4 nights (staying in the Hard Rock for 2 nights)

Langkawi for 3 nights 

Kota Kinabalu for 6 nights (including Mount Kinabalu climb)

Semporna for 5 nights (including PADI Open Water Diving course)

Sandakan for 4 nights (including a 2 night stay in the jungle)

Singapore for 4 nights.



Wish me luck 🙂 




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