Reviewing the Situation

Reviewing the Situation

The musical about a

Manhattan murderer

will make a killing, I know,

a different barrel of blood

to Sweeney Todd,

it’s a savagery

scavenging for spectators

who sympathise with psychopaths

and grant courtesy to killers,

which shan’t be hard to find.


A sixties socialite

with magic hands,

will surely manipulate

where the critics stand,

massage long-lost

Paint Never Dries  

into a dusty archive, remedy

the strain of the critics mind games

and start again with the

scapegoat’s demise. 


Commercialisation of

American religion is

enough to baptise us

into the church of

renditions and turn us into

latter day saints,

not sneering liberals

in the circle, who

taint those impossible teeth

with verbal titters.


Child inspirations for

authorial success, will molest

viewers into Wonder, a Neverland

of wounded spirits

from a straggle-bearded man and

aged Alice. Famous Bond

duo can expect

standing acclaim,

So long as they evoke an illusion

of tomorrow, or something


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